How Embarrassing!

Well, the Holidays are behind us!  I had a multitude of gorging incidents…filling my body with chocolate, cakes, cookies and turkey~among other things.  This season only comes once a year, so I was not to be outdone!  Since I had gained 15lbs since my accident in November, I decided that Christmas was NOT the time to start watching what I ate!

Fast forward to January…I began the year by having a few intimate meetings with people~as that is one of my goals for 2014.  I soon realized that my belly was talking something fierce in quiet quarters.  How embarrassing was that?  I knew it made noise at home, but when you are in someone’s living room and only one person is talking, well that’s another matter!

Back to the drawing board with my food!  I will do it in phases, as trying to change everything at once is too much of a shock to the system.  I’ve decided to start by reducing my sugar, and using healthy chocolate alternatives.  I have to be very mindful of my caffeine intake, as it gives me Pre-Ventricular Contractions.  A while back, I made these truffles.  They were the perfect thing to start weaning me off the bad, and re-introducing the good.  Don’t let the ingredients fool you…they are absolutely delicious!  And if you are trying to cut out flour, it’s scores a home-run!  The recipe is from one of my fave food blogs:  Eat Recycle Repeat.  Here’s the link:

To Your Health,


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